Nigeria coronavirus: cases hit 442, Kano at third, lockdown deaths reported


April 17: National tally hits 442, Kano third highest

The national tally as at 10:20 pm 16th April stood at 442 confirmed cases. The new cases were thirty-five: the breakdown as follows – 19 in Lagos, 9 in FCT, 5 in Kano and 2 in Oyo. 152 have been discharged with 13 deaths

Kano has however shot to third most impacted state within a space of under a week. With the current tally of 21, the north central state beats Osun which has had twenty since about a week ago.

Lagos maintains its distant lead with 251 cases, FCT’s 67, Edo and Oyo with 15 and 13 respectively complete those in the double figure category.

A report by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has disclosed that security forces killed 18 people in two weeks while enforcing lockdowns imposed to halt the spread of the new coronavirus.

Federal lockdowns initially slated to last 14 days were put in place on March 30 in Lagos, neighbouring Ogun state and the capital Abuja. President Buhari extended them recently by two weeks.

The NHRC, an independent body, said in a statement dated April 15 that there had been “eight documented incidents of extrajudicial killings leading to 18 deaths” between March 30 and April 13.It said the killings were carried out by the Nigerian Correctional Service, the police force and army.

Responding to the report, a spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service said four inmates had died after violence broke out and left a number of prisoners and staff hospitalised. The rights commission report alleged eight deaths.

Several states across the country have also implemented lockdowns including Kano and Kaduna. Kano was the first northern state to have a testing center. Currently Maiduguri in Borno State and Sokoto also have capacity to test according to the NCDC.


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